Sunday, 20 May 2012

3 Things You Won't Regret Investing In

1. Headphone for office: 

I am hoping that maximum people reading this post have the luxury of listening music at their work places. Just like us software industry guys :)

 If you spend 2-3 hours listening music daily at your work station, then it would be pretty wise to spend a little on it, for prices as low as Rs 600, you can get decent headphones. This will not only add more joy to you day work, but would also pamper your ears.

The basic criteria while choosing a headphone should be its use. If you are an acoustic fan, open type headphones would be a good choice. The main issue with open type headphones is audio leakage, as the name itself suggests, open type of headphones are have a slit opening or perforation somewhere in their design, hence there is always little bit of sound coming out (other people in your cubicle may not always like your choice of music :P ) But yes, the sound of flute/guitar as well as human voice is super in this type of headphones.

The closed ones on the other hand are awesome for techno/party kind of sound/beats, plus the there is no issue of sound coming out of it. Hence, you can keep playing AkoN’s ~ Sexy Bitch at decibels far above human level of hearing sitting in your office!!
Clear sound should not be confused with noise cancellation technology, which many people ask for, while searching for a headphone for environment, where noise cancellation is not required at all.

Recently I bought SONY MDR XD100, it a good piece of technology. Closed type / moderate price of Rs 850 / easy to use and keep.
My room-mate bought a Philips SHP2500 and that too is far better than what companies provide to their employees by default. 
You can get one that suits your choice at flipkart, they have a wide range of offering and their service + delivery time is also appreciable.
Keep rocking \m/

2. Fitness:

Yes, we all wish to be fit and healthy. “But” we do not wish to spend time/energy or money over it. (Just taking membership in a plush gym and not going there more than twice in whole month doesn’t get counted in spending… its wasting)

Basically just get nice sports shoes and a track suit then a racquet for badminton/squash or lawn tennis, a simple skipping rope or a set of dumbbell would suffice. 10 hours a week is enough to keep one fit and agile. Not only will you feel healthy in personal life, but your creativity at work too, will be increased a lot! 

You can get Gigabytes of info from internet and other media as to how to stay fit and young. So no exhaustive explanation or hyperlink is required here I suppose. Still I would suggest you people to work more towards developing stamina and core strength, which in turn will automatically boost up all systems in your body and will surely make you more cheerful and happier :)

Start with simple free hand exercises, take up a simple sport, join a cycling/swimming or simply start jogging with a buddy; things will automatically fall in place. Whatever amount of money you invest in preventive maintenance of your body, is worth it because, its always better than the hospital bills.

Good luck and Godspeed.

3. Nurture a childhood hobby:

Ahhh…. before I write anything. U can take your sweet time to close your eyes and remember your childhood hobby which used to make you happy and proud every time :)

Yes, now that you have yourself visited your own memory created hyperlink here, it’s easy for me to convince you that your childhood hobby is one thing that can make you cheerful and positive at any given day.

Indulge in painting again, watching birds and writing notes about them, paper cuttings, treasuring news paper cuts, sketching, dancing, start writing poem, start your guitar classes again, learn a new language, develop a new hobby, there are in-numerable ways in which you can use your free time constructively. 

Getting a poster color set again, buying a guitar or bringing in a white board will cost you little as compared to the joy it will give you back.

Hope you all have a vibrant year ahead.
Jai hind

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  1. Heyyy it reminded me of my childhood hobby...:D
    ..will surely mk an effort to recollect my childhood memories n yes itz always worth spending for fitness as v girls r vry conscious abt it :p
    Thank you :)