Sunday, 20 May 2012

Overnight Outdoor Camping : Panchgaani

Place : Panchgaani / 120Kms from Pune
Mode of transport : Four Wheeler
Trek Difficulty level : 1/5

A cool night breeze in time of summer setting in, a bunch of friends armed with poison and lots to eat, we set the sail towards Panch-gaani hillocks this time.
After a short drive of about 1.5 hrs, we reached the scheduled place. After parking the car to a safe place, we trekked our way down on a hillock, commonly known as table top, where we were able to locate a flat surface contour on which we could erect our mini-camp.  

 The climate was a little humid and mostly cold with chilling winds, After a through round of talks and praise for Mother Nature over a couple of pegs, we called off for the day and slept at around 3 in the morning.

Next morning I woke up to one of the best mornings I have ever seen. We could see the Sun ray’s projection over the edges of hillocks and vast vegetation surrounding thousands of acres of sprawling greenery. The very first thing I did was to quickly get back in the camp, grab the Cannon EOS of our leader for this expedition and shot some snaps. 

By the time our photo ops were over, the sun was in its full glory and we quickly folded our tent and wrapped up our belongings. Like a true nature lovers we made sure that we left nothing but footprints while we left that scenic place.
Jai Hind


  1. looks like you had lots of fun :)

  2. yes indeed it was fun, outdoor activities are allways fun and motivational.

  3. Must have been a good experience..
    Need some more pics ;) so I can get motivated enough too ;)

  4. Some details of all you did on the trip would have been better. After all, you guys didn't just put up the tents and play with Cannon EOS. And speaking of Cannon EOS, only 3 pics? It's an insult to Cannon. Don't cheat the readers of the excitement. Only If I could sue you for this.:)
    Jokes apart, it's good to see you write about the things you do.

  5. lol.. the extensive detailing was censored ;) :P
    there are more than a dozen pics, sharing all would be boring to readers i thought.
    Anwys, thnks for encouragement, soon some new picture stories would follow with more number of better pictures and captioning:)