Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Mute Screams

One may write thousands of words on the feeling one gets regarding the 'plight of Kashmiri pundits', but I would like to instead write the reality here.

1. Resettlement back in Kashmir isn't possible anymore because of the dominant Islamist ideology that governs Kashmir, its demography, and its politics. Also, Kashmiri pundits are one of the most progressive and educated community, this rules out any possibility of armed and violent retribution.

2. This does not make the entire Muslim population of Kashmir valley bad or good, but it simply reflects how people tend to not poke their nose in other's issue when their own home is not burning.  It was never ‘Kashmir issue’, it was and is about ‘supremacy of one community over other’, for if it would have been a demand of free Kashmir for ‘native Kashmiris’, Kashmiri pundits would have been taken into confidence to struggle against union of India instead of being massacred and thrown out. 

3. This is a classic case where violence has won and is prevailing. Right now as you read this, there are millions who are displaced in their own country and whole of the judiciary and the political setup is a mere mute spectator. ‘Ahimsa’ anybody? 

4. The only solution to this issue, that was available for Nehruvian parliament, was never acted upon and does not exist anymore. Infact ‘super intellectuals’ are demanding plebiscite to let the ‘Kashmiri’ people decide their fate, I wonder how is this justified or ethical or even logical in absence of Kashmiri pundits?

Their life in exile, in their own country is a matter of shame for each one of us and the democracy which we boast about. Those who are aware of the rich culture that this centuries old community represents can perhaps imagine the necessity of its survival. The government was and is responsible for protection and welfare of each and every citizen of the union of India, isn't this is the reason why we all don't roam around with gun in our hands? What is one supposed to do if the government is failing in doing their mandated task?

So, next time before we teach the utopian concept of 'Satyamev Jayate' to the world, pause and question, does truth alone win?

Jai Hind,

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  1. we can't blame the govt everytime, its the people who are are still running on community,religion high time now to think beyond that n fight over their development,education n rights but not at a cost of supressing others..

  2. The intention is not to hold govt. responsible for our everyday hassles, but there are things which only govt. can and should do. National security is one of them, irrespective of mentality of citizens.

  3. @Ravi .... If we can't blame govt then who will do the development and educating as per your comment above....Govt both state and central has a major part to play ....If govt had done its job in time then maybe conditions would have been better now