Saturday, 17 October 2015

OROP and voice of Mr. Chetan Bhagat

Good evening Mr. Bhagat,
What a great, awe inspiring, earth shattering and universe breaking article you have written! Bhai waah!! Generations to come will remember this article as the epitome of objective analysis and English literature enriching commentary.
Mid way into your enlightening article, you asked the great Indian readers, “Should we dare discuss pros and cons of OROP? Yes sir! You may, because these same bunch of worthless jawans ensure that our freedom is guaranteed regardless of our opinion. It's just another job. They signed up for it knowing the consequences..fools! They should have instead done something more meaningful, like becoming party karyakarta of some political organization in their village; by now they would have easily earned SUVs with free fuel off public money. But hey! why should we worry about every damn politico becoming billionaire after reaching any public office? Our focus should be on snatching away the paltry pension that these non-productive veterans get.

Why should we, as taxpaying citizens of India, pay someone who served the national interest when it was his time/age to learn the economy worthy skills, instead of contributing to the economy, which in itself is guarded by these very soldiers! We should instead pay tax for educating young lad who'll learn technology at IIT, Administration in IIM and then will proceed to work as an investment banker / financial analyst abroad before discovering his love for writing college sex stories, coming back to India (because people anywhere else outside India won't even bother about reading such poor work of English literature) and try his hand at teaching people how to live, think and even fart.

This reminds me, a set containing 5 books written by you cost Rs 897 on some e-commerce website. Tell me one good reason why should a person writing masala novels earn more than a veteran who signed up to take bullets and stood at guard in inhumane conditions, worked at odd hours away from family? Why shouldn't we instead spend on buying him a better bullet-proof vest and taking care of him when he is old?

Demand and supply? Capitalism?  Yes, very valid  *slow clap*

Also, good that you quickly typed in the 12,000 crore figure for your readers to awe, compare and reflect upon. Writing zeros does make an impact, I hope you won't try covering PM's recent speech in Bihar elections-warm up, where he promised 1.65k lakh crore as election freebie! We should anyway be least bothered about the generation of capital for such astronomical figures that the PM keep promising to various states and communities in his election rallies. We shouldn't write articles against freebies and subsidies that our politicians get. We shouldn't also bother about why there is 50% reservation on caste basis which takes sizable amount of chunk from the govt. coffers to financially aid those who already, abundantly have all means to pay for their own education. These are small things along with many more like them, silly issues!
A non IIT ,non IIM mere mortal.

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